Finally: Checking you're up!

If you successfully installed the node you will be on the lookout for this message


If you see the message above, use the tabs below to check for your node on mainnet or testnet.

Check you're up by logging into and find your node in the drop down node list once you're past the username and password section.

If you are an exchange only: be sure to head back to the exchange page and run the keys section now to record your mnemonics, seed and private key then delete the keys file.

What happens if I reboot

The node is currently running under a systemd service so if you reboot the service will automatically start. We would recommend you stop the service before rebooting of course. You can see the configuration for this service if you wish:

nano /etc/systemd/system/cnode.service


To stop or start the service use a variation of this command replacing start with stop

systemctl start cnode.service

Viewing the log

If you want to view the log you can use the following command. If you have used a user other than coti, please replace the first mention of coti in the command below with your username. If you just want to see the end of the log replace nano with tail -f

 nano /home/coti/coti-node/logs/FullNode1.log


If you make a mistake and want to uninstall and try the installation again, here is the code to uninstall.

rm -rf
wget -O
chmod +x

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