Add an "A" record

Now you have bought your domain name, the next step is to point it your VPS.

An "A" record is simply how you point a domain name to an IP address. When you register a VPS it will be given an IP address that looks like four sets of numbers, separated by full stops.

After verifying my email address, I have logged in to my account and gone to Domain List and clicked Advanced DNS where you will find the correct screen to add an "A" record.

I decided i wanted my node address to be "" so i wrote tutorial node in the host, and then i took the IP address from the VPS registration email (1) and added it in the Value field like shown on the screenshot below. You use YOUR VPS ip address of course. Select 5 min or even 1 min on the TTL which means how fast the DNS will update, then click the green tick.

Now wait however long you gave the TTL value above i.e. 5 minutes, make a drink, come back and continue!

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