Connect to the node

What is putty?

Putty is a FREE and open source terminal program, it basically allows you to connect to your Ubuntu node! If you are familiar with Terminal or other programs feel free to use those.

Installing Putty

To install putty go to

As I'm installing on my windows machine ill select the 64bit x86 version like so....

Install the downloaded putty program, follow all the defaults for install then find Putty in your programs list and launch it.

  1. Click Session

  2. Add your hostname that you created earlier in Add an "A" record for example or etc

  3. Add the port, usually 22.

  4. Give your session a name.

  5. Click Save

Awesome, now you have a connection in putty that you can load anytime you wish to connect to your node. You are now ready to connect, and then install your node.

  1. Click your saved session

  2. Press Load

  3. Press Open

  1. Press Yes to allow connection. You should only see that the first time you connect from your device.

Type root or whichever username you were given on your VPS instructions and press enter

You will not be able to see the password that you either type OR paste. Go to your VPS email and copy the root password, then to paste your password, you should RIGHT CLICK on the black window and press enter. The right click pastes the password invisibly and enter will attempt to login.

If you are logged in you should see the welcome screen to your VPS!

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