Register your node hash

For testnet node operator

This is a testnet only section. Exchanges and mainnet nodes can ignore this section

Testnet users must register their public key aka node hash with coti to then make the transition on to the testnet. This can be done now (easier route) or later, providing you do a reboot once COTI confirm your node is registered.

Step 1: Login to the testnet

Login to the testnet at and once in your wallet, click the cog at the top right corner and find your public key. Get ready to copy the public key see the screenshot below.

Step 2: Send email to COTI

Send an email to with email subject of Register Testnet Node.

You may copy and paste this text and insert the information

Dear Coti,

Please register my node on to the COTI Testnet.


My node hash/public key is: <INSERT LARGE PUBLIC KEY HERE>

Please email me to let me know when I can proceed.

Kind Regards,


Send the email then you can either wait for the response from COTI, or continue and finish the node install with a "Wrong node hash for network testnet" error.

If you decide to continue with the guide without getting a reply from the email above, you will get a "Wrong node has for network Testnet" error once the node starts to run after you complete the Installing a node section. Thats ok though, as once COTI say you are registered you can issue the "reboot" command to the node and the node will reboot and should come online within a few minutes.

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