Install a full node

Node installation tips specifically for users (not exchanges)

Login to your VPS.

Connect to your VPS as the root user with putty or any other popular terminal connection program.

Once connected with root, copy the code below and paste it into your putty / terminal window and press enter.

You can find the github repo here if you want to dig in to the code further.

rm -rf
wget -O
chmod +x

#You will be asked if you are installing for mainnet or testnet. Choose the number corresponding to the option

You will be asked a series of questions :

  • Your SSH Port No (22 if you have not changed it)

  • Your Ubuntu Username (use coti if not sure it will be created fresh)

  • Your Email address

  • Your server hostname from namecheap or other provider of your choice e.g.

  • Your wallet private key (not your secret key)

  • Your wallet seed key

  • *Testnet only - Node added 16/07/2022: - (which version to launch type 3.1.0 for now)

  • *Mainnet only (which version to launch e.g. 1.4.1 etc)

If you are not sure of any of the answers that get asked above whilst running the code above, leave the answer empty and it will terminate after the questions so that you can run the script again on its own, as shown below.


Answer all of the questions, pressing enter after each answer, then the node will configure itself.

If you are not an exchange, please skip the next section and move on to the Finally checking you're up section.

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