VPS Setup

Great! i have received an email with all of the details on to say the VPS has been provisioned. I have blurred out my details but yours will have all of the necessary information!

Refer to the numbers on the screenshot below

  1. This is your login information for https://my.contabo.com/account/login

  2. Note the IP address of your node, we will need that to configure your "A" record at namecheap or whoever you use for your domain name.

2. (extra info) The VNC details are useful for emergencies if you accidentally lock yourself out of the node. Just be aware they are there but you should never need them for this tutorial.

Quick test of the login details and view how to reinstall the VPS

Lets try out the login details and make sure we can connect

If you ever make a mistake, remember the Reinstall button right there on the menu above. It will factory reset the VPS to be wiped to the same state as when you purchased the VPS. This is great if something goes wrong with the setting up

Lets go and register a domain name and configure an "A" record to point to our new VPS IP address.

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