Secret Key & SEED

This is a really important section.

After logging in to , click on the trustchain enter button.

Be sure to choose testnet from the drop down box on the following screens if you are setting up the node for the testnet. Remember: Mainnet is invite only.

What is a good secret key?

Choosing a secret key is very important and although a minimum of 8 characters is allowed, i would advise to go with the maximum of 15 characters for better security. Below is a random example of a secret key I could have chosen which is suitable.

You may be thinking how will I remember that? The answer is either write it down and keep it safe, or you could use a password manager like Bitwarden or Lastpass which are much more effective and safer than storing anything in your browser.

Before copying any seeds or keys, be sure your computer is clean from viruses or malware. Some users may be more confident to turn off their internet once they have the seed on screen etc. The seed and secret key is your responsibility to keep safe!

Do NOT use the same phrase as your secret key that you use for your CPS password

NEVER give ANYONE your seed or secret key, not even to coti staff else you risk losing your funds to impersonators.

Wallet and Private Key

Now go to and sign in to retrieve the private key we need for the node install. Also never give this to anyone also.

Copy the private key above.

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